Tank painting is an industrial painting process that ensures the longevity and structural stability of water tanks and other steel tanks.

Older tanks without protective coatings are often susceptible to corrosion, causing structural strain, and in turn, compromising the integrity of the tank over time. Without practicing restorative maintenance, your tank is prone to several expensive issues down the line.

Tank upkeep helps deter:

  • The spread of bacteria and other contaminants
  • Rusting and deterioration of the interior
  • Exterior cracks, peels, flakes, and leaks
Water Tower Painting

Why Hire Water Tank Painters

Although it may seem that a water tower painting project can be tasked to anyone with the right tools, the process requires a highly-skilled crew with industry knowledge and experience.

Tank painting often involves sandblasting to prepare the steel surface prior to its new coating. Unlike many companies that rent their machinery, we own up-to-date equipment to effectively handle restoration – even in-house welding!

Following federal and state-mandated regulations to restrict debris from spreading off-site is a huge part of the job. In order to contain and dispose of lead, chromium dust, and spent abrasive during the cleaning and resurfacing phase, a containment system is built. We use dust collectors, HEPA filters, and a variety of large industrial vacuums to ensure the safety of the team, job site, and surrounding area.

Our teams are:

  • Specialized water tank painters skilled with tank cleaning, painting, and repairing techniques.
  • Assessment experts with the ability to provide cost-effective recommendations that restore and maintain the life of your water tank.
  • Trained to operate a variety of surface preparation machinery, scaffold, and build containment systems.
  • Certified in lead abatement for superstructures and commercial buildings.
  • Committed to an “Accident-Free” performance record, keeping employees, clients, the public, and the environment safe.

Contact a Reliable Water Tower Painting Company

U.S. Tank Painting has over 30 years of experience providing local and state governments, water and waste treatment companies, and fuel and oil companies high-quality industrial painting services.

Our water tank painting contractors are committed to maintaining OSHA-compliant job sites that keep your equipment safe and your project on schedule. Whether your tank contains water, bulk solid storage, or fuel, our team is capable of following proper safety requirements to restore and paint your vessel in order to maximize its lifespan. Check out some of our recent projects.

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