Industrial Sandblasting & Painting

U.S. Tank Painting provides leading industrial painting services and specializes in water tanks and other types of tanks that periodically need to be emptied, sandblasted, and recoated to prevent contamination or rust. U.S. Tank Painting also frequently performs the same type of service for exposed structural steel that is common in industrial buildings and transmission towers.

These types of specialized jobs require an experienced company with a history of safe and successful projects. For the past 35 years, U.S. Tank Painting has maintained a flawless safety record. All our employees receive proper training and are OSHA certified. They are equipped and physically fit to ensure they adhere to all regulations while providing quality service. Their training includes but is not limited to safety protocols, appropriate usage of materials and equipment, and working procedures.

U.S. Tank Painting is also a certified lead abatement contractor. Our company employs lead abatement supervisors and workers for lead-related contracts. Proper lead abatement on large structures requires extensive containment systems that U.S. Tank is fully equipped to manage.

Unlike many of our competitors, we handle almost all areas of the project including metal and welding repairs. That means you don’t need to find multiple companies to complete your project.

Industrial Sandblasting & Painting Services