The key to sustaining the life of your fuel tank is all about the paint job and maintenance. Failure to maintain the structure can lead to corrosion of the structure and a fuel leak – which would be catastrophic to your business and the environment.

We have plenty of experience restoring, coating, and maintaining fuel tanks so your product remains safely contained.

Our contractors provide:

  • Fuel tank sandblasting to clean and restore your structure
  • State-of-the-art tank painting technology that offers a superior coatings application
  • In-house welding and repairs to extend the lifespan of your fuel tank
Fuel Tank Painting

Fuel Tank Sandblasting

Fuel tank sandblasting involves the use of abrasive media, which hits the steel at a high velocity to remove contaminants and create a sandpaper-like profile ideal for adhering to a new coating system.

Many fuel tank painting companies rely on third-party vendors to provide sandblasting services, but our team owns a top-of-the-line fleet of sandblasting and resurfacing machines.

Our team of highly skilled tank painting contractors are trained to operate a variety of painting and preparation machines in order to keep restoration and maintenance tasks on schedule while extending the lifespan of your tank.

Our crews are:

  • Experienced and skilled with the right equipment to restore, repair, and paint fuel tanks.
  • Committed to an “Accident-Free” performance record, keeping employees, clients, the public, and the environment safe.
  • Assessment experts with the ability to provide cost-effective recommendations.
  • Certified in lead abatement for commercial buildings and superstructures.

Hire Expert Fuel Storage Tank Painters

Maintain your fuel storage tank by hiring a specialized industrial painting company.

We offer 30 years of hands-on experience painting fuel tanks, water tanks, and more. Our team is committed to following all up-to-date OSHA regulations to keep your fuel tank safe and operational long-term.

U.S. Tank Painting services NJ, PA, DE, MD, NY, CT, and MA. Contact the industrial painting experts today.